Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new set of skills

Pantry Secrets Rocks! Check out their blog. A friend of mine told me about this great enrichment class that she had attended. The class is taught by a mother/daughter team. They teach you how to make bread from start to finish in one hour!! Yes, this includes the cooking. They also teach you 50 other things you can make with the bread dough. It really is amazing. I can say that because I came home and made the dough, and created the items pictured above. It was a success on the first try. I learned a few things that I will modify next time, but overall I was really impressed. The family loved it! You can make a loaf of bread for $.28.
I tried to sign up for one of the classes that they teach in their home, but had no luck. I found out where they were teaching another enrichment (thanks to a friend), and attended it. If you can get into one of their classes, it is well worth the $20. I tried to schedule them for an enrichment in our ward, and she said they are booked through September, and probably won't be doing many more enrichments. They are teaching other people how to be consultants, so more classes can be taught. They also have a DVD for $20 that teaches their method. I am sure that it is great.
*The other huge bonus, is that it is a recipe that is food storage friendly. It has ingredients that have a great shelf life, plus you can use your wheat!!!! (it only has 6 ingredients)
I am so excited that I can finally make a decent loaf of bread (white or wheat), and other bread type meals (pizza, bread bowls, scones, hot dog buns, hoagie bread, kiaser rolls, bread sticks, cinnamon rolls, danish braids, etc).

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Leslie* said...

Hi my new friend! Incredible photos! Way to go! What is it with those cute ladies that was so inspiring? Your braid looks amazing! I made two pizzas last night that were a hit. By the way, the lady called me back just as I was leaving so now I know where she lives and can get all of us supplies in the future. I haven't watched the DVD, but you can borrow it if you ever want to.