Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boys being boys

Jeremy, Zach and Seth are having some serious boy time! Jeremy is coaching their flag football team! They ALL love it. Jeremy coached one of their basketball teams a few years ago, and came away feeling terrible. They didn't win a single game. He took it personal.
Last fall, as he watched the boys play flag football, he continually 'freaked' out at the coaching.
I convinced him, (which was not easy), to coach flag football. I told him he could not complain about the coaching, unless he was willing to do it himself. He finally agreed. He is so happy that he did. They had their first game on Thursday. They won, so now the burden is off of his shoulders. "He won't be the coach of another lossing team".


Angie said...

I could see Jeremy doing a great job coaching flag football. Good for him and congrats on the W.

The Gatherum Clan! said...

Yeah!! Way to go Jeremy! (and Nancy for the convincing) It makes things more fun when your own dad is the coach! :)