Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girls are complicated!

So...... The test results came back negative. She doesn't have a well-known bacteria, but she could have some type that isn't detectable with a simple lab test. She was treated as though she had some crazy bacteria. The stomach aches continue, but not as severe. The non-dairy diet continues through this weekend.

But....... We must add a little more drama to the situation. She missed at least 10 days of school, thus she was intimidated to go back. ANXIETY appears to be a factor in the whole picture. She finally talked to me about somethings going on at school that were bothering her. Girls are so complicated! We worked through the issues, and after two mornings of battling the need to go to school (I won), she has finally begun to go to school without a fight. I have no doubt that she has a legitimate stomach aches, but I think , as a kid, we have to test our limits!


Angie said...

girls can not just be complicated but mean as well. Especially in the 5 &6 grades. At least from my personal experience. It is good to see that she isn't fighting going to school anymore. Hopefully her stomach aches will go away for good.

The Gatherum Clan! said...

Oh man, are they ever! I guess we can be glad we only have one, right?!