Monday, December 15, 2008

Off-track adventures

The kids are off track for the month of December, thus we decided to venture down to California. We had a great trip. We rented a home in Huntington Beach that included bikes. We were able to ride the bikes to the beach. The weather was fabulous. It hovered between 65-75 degrees. Our adventure included Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, and Disney/California Adventure. We also spent a day at the beach. The kids actually swam in the ocean (crazy). Jeremy spent most of his trip on the telephone, as interest rates are going crazy (up, down, up, down, etc).


The Gatherum Clan! said...

One of our favorite places! Got to love those CA trips. I think my favorite part is watching the kids faces and just seeing their smiles as they ride the rides and play at the beach. Way to go--making memmories! :)

Michele said...

Looks like fun. That is an absolutely classic picture of you and Jeremy with him on his PHONE!!! So funny. I'm glad I was able to sit by a 'winner' at the party. And I mean that in more ways than one.

Angie said...

I love Cali!!!! My kids talk about all of the fun that they have at Disneyland, DAILY!!!! I love off-track when you can vacation without everyone else! (One good reason for off-track)