Saturday, December 6, 2008

The infamous Christmas Letter

Let me start by saying we have not sent out Christmas cards for at least three years! We are so proud that we actually pulled it off this year.

We decided to take a different approach with our cards. We posted our blog address, rather than attaching a family letter. We figured those who REALLY wanted to know about our family would go to our blog, others would just enjoy a few photos. (To each their own). I personally love to read family letters, but I know there is much joking about them, as well. SOOOO... below you will find our Christmas letter.

It has been a great year for us! We moved into our new home around Dec. 20 of last year. It made for a real exciting Christmas. We are thankful to be settled in and enjoying our new neighborhood. We have been blessed to meet new friends and neighbors, in addition to maintaining existing friendships.

Our kids continue to thrive:

Zach wants to be an adult. He much prefers to hang out with Mom, Dad, and other adults, as opposed to hanging out with friends. He is a very easy going, loving, and giving young man. His preferred activities include creating, building, taking apart anything he can get his hands on. In fact, for his birthday he asked for pvc pipe, glue, valves, and other components to build a rocket launcher. His brain never stops churning! He is learning how to play the electric guitar.

Seth has become very social this last year. He know exactly what he wants, he is very decisive. He loves to skateboard, rollerblade, wakeboard, and snowboard. He thinks he wants to venture into tackle football this fall, we will see???? He enjoys teasing his brother and sister. Seth LOVES listening to music and learning how to play the guitar.

Abby loves to cook and create. She enjoys sewing, babysitting, and hanging out with 'one' friend at a time. She enjoys playing the big sister roll to many of our friends younger children. She is very nurturing. (Or as her brothers would say, bossy). She continues to take piano. She loves to spend time on the computer :)

Jeremy and I have had a great year. We enjoy a lot of time together. We don't have to get babysitters anymore, thus we can go out whenever we want. We love to spend time with our friends. We are always looking for a social outing. Our children are our greatest joy! We love watching them grow. We have come to realize that time is going to fast for us. We are trying to savour every moment we have with our kids! We love traveling as a family. Boating has brought us a lot of joy.

The gospel of Jesus Christ has brought much stability and comfort to our family. We are thankful for this holiday season, when we can reflect on the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are thankful for his teachings and ultimately his sacrifice. We are thankful to be members of HIS church.

We are thankful for everyone within our sphere of influence, we love you all!


Angie said...

I have just spent the last two hours looking at our family pictures trying to decide which one to make into Christmas Cards! UGH! I hope I am not the only one that spends WAY TOOOOO much time being tooo picky with family pix! I love the idea of putting your letter on the blog!

The Gatherum Clan! said...

What a great idea! I too love reading the "letter". But your right, it is funny sometimes to read them. :) I hope I can get cards out this year. It seems it has just snuck up on me!