Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are YOU smarter than a 5th grader?

I know that I am not. We just purchased a fan for our fireplace. We asked the place that we purchased it from if it was something that we could install ourselves. He stated that 75% of the population can not, and they end up calling to have a professional do it. They charge $95 to come and do the install for you. We thought we would roll the dice to see if we fall into the 25% that can do it. We don't, but our 11 year old boys do!

The boys are always anxious for a project. They saw us walk in the door with a box and asked us what it was, they then asked if they could install it. It was worth a try, right??? They spent about an hour on it, hit a few snags, did some research on the internet, had to leave for a party, asked their dad a few questions (which he couldn't answer) came home looked at it some more. Still stumped, they went to bed. Zach laid in bed thinking about it, woke up, went back to the project and within 15 minutes the project was complete. They saved us $95. Needless to say, they are for hire :)

Earlier this week they took apart the snowblower (trimmed a cracked fuel line). They also attached the plow to the four-wheeler. Whether good or bad, if something is broken, they are going to try and fix it!


Angie said...

DANG IT!!!!! Your kids could have saved us $100. We just got a fan for our fireplace and paid $195 for it. We are obviously very stupid!

Michele said...

You are SOOO lucky and their future wives will hit the jack pot with catches like them!!! I would love to have someone around the house that plows into a 'project'!!! What a wonderful talent to have.

The Gatherum Clan! said...

I love the fact that they didn't give up and that Zach just couldn't go to bed without solving it. They will not only be saving you money in the future, I think they will be making some good money in the future! I wish someone in my house, other than me, would read directions and want to do a project! I guess you win some and you lose some! :)

Tara said...

Can a borrow one of your fifth graders! You should hire them out!