Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luxurious Lake Powell

Families that play together, stay together!

I love year around school! We were fortunate enough to receive an invitaion to go to Lake Powell in mid-September! Words can't adequately describe what a great experience this was for our family. It was a perfect trip, nothing could have gone better. The company was awesome! The food was fabulous! The weather was wonderful! The scenery was sensational! We enjoyed getting to know families that we didn't know very well prior to the trip. The houseboat was out-of-this-world. It had a basement, main floor with that was decorated nicer then our home, two ice makers, two kitchens, a screened level, and an upper sleeping level (yes it had 4 levels total). Shawn found the perfect, yes I mean perfect, place to park the houseboat. We had our own private cove. The setting was inspiring, it is amazing to be able to enjoy the beauties of this world! There is no place like Lake Powell!
Abby enjoyed playing on the beach, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and finding sea shells. Abby didn't not spend one minute on our boat the entire trip. Zach took care of all of the audio needs during our vacation, as well as proving to be quite the outdoorsmen. Zach enjoyed some "tube wars"and socializing with the adults. Seth continues to improve his wakeboarding skills, he loves "tube wars", and helping others when needed! Jeremy and I enjoyed taking groups out on our boat to enjoy skiing, surfing, wakeboarding and tubing.
It was a trip of a life-time!! Thanks Packards, Nethercotts, Watsons and Witts!


Tara said...

Looks absolutly amazing! You guys just have the right friends! Wished we were there!

The Gatherum Clan! said...

Have to say that I've been looking for this update! :) Yes, Lake Powell is so awesome! Have to say that I'm super jealous!!! Looks like you had a blast! I guess it's my turn to call and get the details! :)

Stacy said...

I made it to your blog (but had to look up the spelling of your last name to type it in right!) Apparently I've been spelling it wrong the whole time I've known you.... Your pictures are great! I can't wait to see Sharla's too. The trip was the start of a great tradition!!!!

Michele said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! Did you take those? I love them. The house boat sounds amazing, I'm glad you had a good time.