Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fathers and Sons Overnight Camp

Every boys dream come true. A night in the mountains, a bunch of junk food, a pocket knife, fire, dirt, and no girls! This is the highlight of my boys summer. They look forward to this every year. (Abby and I do to!) I think we begin the countdown about six months before the event.

They love spending time with their dad. I am pretty sure that there aren't any rules or restrictions at these type of events. I am not sure what they do, they don't have tv, video games, computers, or any other electronic device, let alone any toys. Some how they find a way to make their own fun (I wish they could do that more often at home).

They have enjoyed the tradition of always having their buddy Spencer and his dad and brothers go every year!


Tara said...

How fun, dirt, food, knives, dad, no girls! Life is good.

Nanci said...

Yeah - you have a blog! I really can't believe how big your kids of gotten. I showed Jason the pictures of your kids and he agrees with me that Abbie looks just like you and Seth and Zack look just like Jeremy. I remember when we moved into our old house I couldn't tell Seth and Zack apart but they have their own distinct look now. It's amazing what 2.5 years can do!