Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disney World

In case you haven't figured it out, we love to travel. It is my passion. I love to see new places and experience new things with my family. Jeremy and I have concluded that we only have 6-7 more years with our children at home. In that time, there will be periods that they don't want to be with us, thus SEIZE THE MOMENT has become my motto. Disney World has been on the radar, and as with all the traveling we do, we choose our destinations by watching for good deals. Abby, Zach, and Seth's birthdays are in November, it all worked out!

This was our nightly ritual, after each long day of theme parks and sight-seeing. My Dad is my hero, he never stops! He will do anything the grandkids want him to do. He enjoys every moment he spends with them!

Epcot Center

Cocoa Beach

Seth boogie boarding

Zach. You will notice that Zach has a duck with him in almost every picture. It was his homework assignment to take duckie along on his vacation, and share the results with his class. The kids thought it was really fun to have him along.

The happiest place on Earth, as far as Abby is concerned. She LOVES the ocean!

The Kennedy Space Center. We were able to see the shuttle on the launch pad, as it was launching the next day. We watched the launch from Universal Studios, we actually saw the shuttle in the sky. It was awesome, a highlight of the vacation for my scientist boys!

Animal Kingdom

Toy Story Ride in Hollywood Studios. Very fun.

Overall, it was a wonderful vacation. It was exhausting! We have officially decided, as a family, that the days of planning a vacation around theme parks, is over. We have many places to explore, and if there happens to be a theme park nearby, we may stop in???? Happy Travels!


Leslie said...

Hi Nancy! Looks like a fabulous trip. It's those times that really make the memories for the future. Believe me those 6 to 7 years will happen before you know it. We did that countdown too and realized that there just weren't enough years to go to Disneylad every time. We made the list and are so glad that we checked off everyplace we wanted to go as a complete family, except the Redwood forest. Jordan leaves in a month on his mission, but we're already planning our family trip to pick him up in Guatemala. Seize the day for sure! P.S. We need to all get together again sometime soon. I miss Michele's buddies :)

Kim said...

I ♥ Florida! Looks like a great trip! So glad for you to have such fun with your family. :)