Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's a Surprise....A Special Occasion for Abby

Special situations and special circumstances, call for special occasions. I felt like this was the year that my darling daughter would benefit most from a surprise party. The festivities began many weeks before, with much planning and organizing. My friend Brooke, as well as Zach and Seth, made it all come together!

The Invitations

Table set for a princess

The party began, once all arrived, including the party girl. Abby was 'babysitting' at a neighbors home, they came home early, thus sending her home early. Rather than heading straight home, Abby decided to stop and visit at her cousins house. We had to move quickly, to find a way to get her home to all of her guests!

Upon her arrival, following the shock, we split the girls into two groups to make appetizers. One group made mini pizza bites, the other group made smoothies.

While dinner preparations were in there final stages, we sent the girls on a photography scavenger hunt, through out the neighborhood.

Dinner was served upon their return.

Cake Decorating Gear!

Every girl had their own double layer cake! After a few tips and instructions, each girl had the opportunity to decorate their own cake. It was fun!

Happy Birthday Abby!!

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