Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Viva la Mexico!

Puerto Vallarta


Dave and Jeremy by the Terminator!

Brooke and I by a waterfall

SOOOO Sad it is over!
We snuck away for a long weekend with our friends the Carns. We stayed at an all inclusive resort, and enjoyed endless pina colada's everyday, in addition to chips and guacamole. We love Mexico, it doesn't matter where, we just love it! The weather was perfect. We rented a car for 24 hours and ventured out to do some great sight seeing. We got a massage everyday! Life is good. Coccimiglio's are always up for a trip to Mexico, so if you want company give us a call.


The Gatherum Clan! said...

ok, no snakes for me! That's crazy! I sure think that warm weather and the ocean would be great---but the massages would be heaven!!! So glad you could get away and enjoy some R&R!

Angie said...

Jeremy is very gutsy. NO way would I touch that child eating snake with a ten foot pole. Mexico next year?!

Tara said...

So much fun. Can't wait till next year!

Michele said...

Leave it to Jeremy to sit there and play with his snake down in Mexico!

I can't beleive you were on the set of Predator!!!! That rules!!

Sun, no kids, warm weather, ocean, massages, sounds like torture!!

Michele said...

That earlier post by 'Michele' was really posted by Tom!!!!! He needs to get his own login!!