Sunday, June 20, 2010

ER Visit Number 1

My dear Seth is a bit of a dare devil, extreme stunts kind of a kid. While swimming at the Draper Pool, he successfully completed 5-6 back flips off of the edge of the pool, without being reprimanded by a lifeguard. He wasn't so successful on his final attempt, thus I received a panicked phone call from his brother, tell me that Seth's head was bleeding and I probably should hurry up and come back to the pool. A few minutes later, while in route to the pool, I received another phone call from the pool manager, updating me about the situation, asking if they had permission to transport him via ambulance, if necessary.

I arrived at the pool, to see an ambulance and paramedic in front. (Not good for a mother!!) I rushed to find him, he was surrounded by paramedics. The first thing I saw was blood dripping from his ear. I panicked. The paramedics then reassured me that the blood was from the head wound, not coming out his ears. Whew!

I transported him to the ER in Draper (which we love) and he received 6 staples in his head. Not a great way to start the summer :(

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