Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain or Shine... NY Rocks!

We love NYC! We had a great time with the Gledhills. We ventured off the beaten path, and did things that we hadn't done on previous visits. Warning: Some pictures may be for mature (or immature) audiences only. (sorry Michele). Vacations bring out the best in all of us! We visited the ever famous Serendipity's (It was fun, but not necessarily worth a major detour or the extra pounds gained!)
This is the notorious bull that is located on Wall Street, in the Financial District. It is a spot that many people stop for pictures. (notice that Tom's fist is clenched, he just finished pushing a tourist out from in front of he and Jeremy. They had waited their turn for a picture, when a group of tourist stood right in front of them. Tom politely asked the gentlemen to move, apparently he didn't understand English, so Tom gave him a shove! It was pretty comical.)

Speechless! Tom and Jeremy made us do it!

This sums up our entire vacation in NYC, it rained every single day. We still had a great time. Here we are standing in front of the "Met" museum.

I didn't realize Jeremy was so excited to go into the museum!

Other than the typical sightseeing, we were able to attend the play Mama Mia. I loved it! Michele and I saw "Guys and Dolls". We did some shopping, plenty of eating, and more than enough walking. (although we still gained weight, go figure???)


Tara said...

These pictures are a little rough for me to look at, I get a little sad. Oh well.

♥ Michele ♥ said...

Tom and I are laughing out loud!! So glad you documented Tom's one two punch! Can't wait to go again!