Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to School

We made it. We survived summer. The kids went back to school on Monday. I made sure the last week of summer was a little slow, so that those feelings of boredom would kick in, thus fueling the excitement to return to school. Abby, Zach and Seth actually love school, I dread the day that I have to yank them out of bed to get them going. It is currently the other way around, they wake up ahead of the alarm and are usually dressed and fed before I even get out of bed (I am sure this won't last long). They love their new teacher, she is a new graduate of Utah State University. She is full of enthusiasm, the kids come home extremely happy every day. Their teacher doesn't believe in homework, unless they don't get their class work done, how lucky are we???? We had an AWESOME summer. We were able to do many great adventures together. I will post those details soon!


Tom and Cindy said...

Your kids are very cute. Where do you live that the kids are back in school already? Ours dont start until Aug. 14th.

coccifamily said...

Look at you! It looks great. Your kids look so great in the picture, maybe you should do that professionally. Can't wait for Friday!

Jamie said...

Great pictures of you kids!